Arsenal Engineering provides consulting engineering and inspection services for the construction industry with a focus on inspection, cranes, lift and construction equipment.


  • Non-destructive testing

  • Inspection and certification

  • Repair procedures

  • Engineering Design

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Assistance with Compliance with WorkSafe BC Regulations


Inspection and Certification

  • Cranes: Tower cranes, self-erect tower cranes, mobile cranes (rough terrain, all terrain, knuckle-boom, crawler, truck mounted), overhead cranes (bridge, gantry, mono-rail, jib), rubber tyred gantry cranes, portal cranes, stiff-leg derricks, load blocks
  • Mobile Equipment: scissor lifts, man-lifts, variable reach fork lifts, fork lifts, construction hoists, sign trucks, digger derricks, fire trucks, aerial lifts, winches, power shovels, concrete pumpers, ROPS/FOPS, side-boom pipe layers
  • Below the hook devices: Spreader bars, lift beams, manbaskets, material handling attachments
  • Structural steel and newly fabricated components


  • Equipment capacity rating
  • Repair procedures for damaged equipment
  • Lift plans & rigging studies
  • Custom load charts
  • Stability testing
  • Load testing
  • Tower crane placements
  • Design of replacement components for damaged or obsolete equipment
  • Bespoke Design: design of custom components such as tie-back collars, tie-back arms, internal braces, foundation anchors, sign/light brackets, test weights, saw-horses, stands, racks, jib cranes, platforms, crane mounts, custom machinery
  • Below-the-Hook Components: design of custom spreader bars, lift beams, rigging, man-baskets, and material handling components
  • Third party design/equipment review, verification, and certification